SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles
SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles
SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles
SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles
SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles
SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles
SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles


SlenderFit 3/4 Insoles

Sale price$46.99
Size:S (W6½-7½)

Introducing the PowerStep® SlenderFit® Fashion 3/4 insoles, expertly crafted to enhance the comfort of women’s fashion shoes. These insoles combine sleek design with functional support to address foot discomfort without compromising the style of your favorite shoes.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Women’s Shoes: Specifically designed for the unique contours of women’s feet and styled to fit lower profile fashion shoes without visible edges or bulkiness.
  • Semi-Rigid Arch Support: Features an external "S"-shaped semi-rigid arch support shell that stabilizes the foot and helps maintain proper foot alignment during wear.
  • Metatarsal Cushioning: The built-in metatarsal pad alleviates pressure under the ball of the foot, enhancing comfort in high-pressure areas and providing relief from metatarsal pain.
  • Discreet Comfort: Available in black or khaki, these insoles blend seamlessly into your shoes, maintaining the aesthetics while providing support and pain relief.
  • Odor Control Technology: The top cover is made from odor control polyester fabric that reduces heat, friction, and perspiration, keeping your feet fresh throughout the day.
  • Flexible Fit: The 3/4 length with tapered edges offers sufficient foot coverage while leaving extra room at the toes for a comfortable, non-restrictive fit.

Health Benefits:

Designed to alleviate and prevent discomfort associated with wearing fashion footwear, including:

  • Metatarsal/ball of foot pain
  • Arch and heel pain
  • Ankle, knee, hip, and back pain
  • Common foot deformities like bunions, Haglund's deformity, and toe misalignments

Perfect For:

Women who love fashion shoes but don’t want to compromise on comfort. Ideal for those who experience foot pain or discomfort from prolonged wear of high heels or other low-profile stylish footwear.

Step into your fashion shoes with renewed comfort and confidence with the PowerStep SlenderFit Fashion 3/4 insoles. These insoles are not just an accessory but a necessity for any fashion-forward woman seeking to marry style with comfort. Enhance your shoe collection’s functionality and your feet’s well-being with every step you take.