Men's FuelCell Propel v4
Men's FuelCell Propel v4
Men's FuelCell Propel v4
Men's FuelCell Propel v4
Men's FuelCell Propel v4
Men's FuelCell Propel v4
Men's FuelCell Propel v4


Men's FuelCell Propel v4

Sale price$109.99

Elevate your running sessions with the New Balance FuelCell Propel v4. This shoe is engineered for both seasoned runners and those new to the track, offering a blend of comfort and advanced technology to boost your performance.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary FuelCell Technology: The thick FuelCell midsole provides a high-rebound foam that delivers a unique propulsive feeling, helping you to push forward more effectively with every step.
  • Dynamic TPU Plate: Integrated into the sole for enhanced propulsion, the TPU plate ensures superior energy return and gives you the lift you need to propel forward efficiently.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 302.6 grams (10.7 oz), this shoe won't weigh you down, making it ideal for those looking to improve their speed and agility.
  • Durable and Breathable Construction: The engineered upper and synthetic/mesh materials provide a comfortable, breathable environment for your feet, ensuring coolness and support during long runs.
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance: Recognized for promoting good foot health, the FuelCell Propel v4 is crafted to meet the highest podiatric standards, offering you a reliable and healthy running experience.

Perfect For:

  • Runners seeking a shoe that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional comfort to enhance their running performance.
  • Athletes focused on increasing their speed and achieving new personal bests.
  • Those who appreciate footwear that supports foot health and provides dynamic responsiveness.

Step Into the Future of Running:

The New Balance FuelCell Propel v4 is more than just a running shoe—it's a leap forward in athletic technology. With its focus on propulsive energy and underfoot comfort, it transforms every run into an opportunity to surpass your limits. Ready to propel you into your fastest pace yet, this shoe ensures that every run is charged with energy and efficiency. Whether you're racing or just enjoying a morning jog, the FuelCell Propel v4 is your companion for achieving excellence on the track.