Kisses Top
Kisses Top


Kisses Top

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Indulge in the sweet allure of the Illa Illa "Kisses Top," a sartorial embrace of spring's joyful bloom. This top captivates with its dainty floral print, casting a vision of garden strolls and picnics under the sun. Its pale ivory canvas, kissed with sprigs of rosy florals, captures the playful yet sophisticated essence of the season.

The square neckline, accented with a delicate drawstring, offers a charming frame for the collarbone, allowing for a personalized fit whether you prefer it snug or loosely tied for a more relaxed look. Below this, a ruched bodice defines the waist, ensuring a flattering profile from every angle.

Long sleeves billow down to ruffled cuffs, infusing the top with an air of vintage romance and poetic grace. These details conjure images of carefree days and flirtatious twirls.

Made from a lightweight, textured fabric, the "Kisses Top" is as practical as it is pretty, ensuring comfort and breathability. The peplum hem adds a final touch of whimsy, gently flaring over the hips for an effortlessly flirty silhouette.
Pair the Illa Illa "Kisses Top" with your favorite denim for an enchanting casual ensemble, or elevate it with a high-waisted skirt for those moments that call for a dash of enchantment. Wherever you go, the "Kisses Top" promises to leave a trail of charm and elegance in your wake.